Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas card giveaway

The holidays are over, right? I don't have to make sure I didn't set the house on fire cooking the turkey or wonder what in the world happened to that extra can of whole cranberry sauce that I was sure I bought until I was in the kitchen rummaging through the cupboards pondering where I could have possibly put it (only to find it in the trunk of my car the next day)...

It's Tuesday now, and I finally got my make-up sleep for the holiday.

Anyhow, Christmas is around the corner, and I design snowflakes & make Christmas cards — so it's time for a giveaway.

Up for the taking are 8 snowflake Christmas cards (the ones pictured above; the winner gets 4 of each design)
The cards measure 4.25 X 5.5 inches & come with envelopes.

The message inside of the cards reads: Have a lovely Holiday Season! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
The message is printed in violet colored ink in a cursive style font.
(wanna see: click here)

To enter:
send an email to sarkni@live.com with the word "giveaway" in the title of the email.

The names of the entrants will be written on paper, and one will be drawn from a vessel of some sort. The drawing is this Friday (3 December 2010). I will then email the winner, because, obviously, in order to send you the cards — I need your address, and I don't expect anyone to publicly declare that sort of thing in a blog post, hence the relative privacy of email.

I don't have a mailing list, newsletter, or forward email addresses, or anything spammy like that. The email is exclusively for the giveaway.


slommler said...

Beautiful cards...I sent you my email for sure!!

Catherine said...

That's too funny about finding the cranberry sauce in the trunk of the car the next day!! I once found the veggies I was meant to serve for a Thanksgiving meal in the microwave 2 days later. How odd nobody missed the vegetables for that evening! LOL!

Your cards are so beautiful Sarah! What a terrific give-a-way! I have been busy making Christmas cards as well so I won't enter your draw this time but I will look forward to seeing who was lucky enough to win them.

I am still enjoying the "tigerlily with bokeh" photo that I won from you earlier this year. It is on the wall in my craft room and inspirers me as I am crafting! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week Sarah!
xo Catherine

Bob Bushell said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for my blog, I read your bit about your favourites in music and it merges with mine. I hope that we will meet again soon.

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice cards,I have made a few to get started with mailings. I always seemed to forget a side or something I made when making a big meal like you did. Nice that you survived.I used to see how many dishes I could make from things I canned and froze from my garden.

Donna said...

Beautiful designs! Thanks for visiting my blog...I Love your photos!! And that's a Serious Pumpkin Pie photo!! Looks Great
Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous Sarah.... You are very creative... I don't participate in giveaways anymore---but the cards are gorgeous... I enjoyed seeing them... Good Luck to the winner of this giveaway!!!!


Barb said...

Yes, can you believe it, the holidays are upon us, Sarah. I (luckily) didn't have to cook this T-giving. My son and D-i-L did a fabulous job. It looks like you've been busy. The snowflakes are lovely. I am seeing the real thing outside my window!

SouthernSass said...

They are really pretty! Unfortunately, I am a slacker and do not mail out cards.

I hope your Thanksgiving meal turned out well and that those contributing brought something yummy this year!

Kelly said...

I'm definitely entering...and I hope I'm lucky again. I won your Mother's Day card!!! These are gorgeous.

koralee said...

These are very pretty my friend...I must start my cards very soon. xoxoxo Happy December. xoxo