Friday, December 3, 2010

let it snow

I feel like I need a note from my mom, something that says tomorrow I'll visit a cajillion blogs, but today Sarah is being analog and needs to stay off the computer and go to bed on time.

Yeah, it's been a busy and sleepless week. And holy crap: it's December! How did that happen? November, where did you go? I have 4 graphics to create for a calendar and Christmas gifts to figure out... I think I need 30 more days and to figure out where I can find some cheap peanut brittle.

Anyway, I spent the morning catching up on some beloved reruns on the television while putting up the winter decorations (which I may get around to taking down approximately around April). I literally took the hummingbirds & butterflies down a couple days ago and it snowed for the first time. Appropriately, my winter decorations are snowflakes.

And as usual, I got halfway through actually putting them all up.
I have a collection of snowflakes. Most of them are plastic or resin and covered with glitter, some of them are metal or wire or have mirrors or rhinestones. The vast majority of them are unique (in that mass produced holiday decorations can be 'unique') - in other words, it's not like I just went to the store and bought the package with 10 of the same snowflakes in it 10 times over. No, I have about a hundred snowflakes, and 90% of them are not multiples.

I hang them from the ceiling, which means that each snowflake is strung on fishing line. Now, if I was "organized" — then I would probably possess some sort of box with dividers in it so that when I finally get off my lazy bum and take them down well after spring has started— well, they'd be neat and organized and I could just plow through hanging them. Pfft, where's the fun in that? Besides, it sounds like work.

No, these things go in a plastic bin, so every year there is a comedy routine involved in separating them from themselves, because the fishing line somehow gets tangled... I pick up 1 snowflake and end up holding a clump. Yes, it's silly, and probably time consuming, and yet amusing enough that I cannot be bothered to buy one of those ornament boxes with the dividers.

So, I'm covered with glitter, the floor is covered with glitter, and so far there was only one "clump" that I had to separate with scissors...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be done, and then I have to vacuum. And even then everything will still be covered with glitter.

Hopefully, your home is decorated for the holidays : )


Paul C said...

Wonderful collection of snowflakes. My wife has a collection of little folk Santas which gather amidst the greenery on our bow window sill to greet us each day.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful decorations you have there, your photos are splendid too.

Out on the prairie said...

I wondered if you could wrap the string around two fingers and bind it with masking tape.I handled some decorations at a store last week and got glitter all over my face and everything else. My daughter was not sure she wanted to go out and eat with all this. I said to just say it was new from Avon.

Happyone :-) said...

Your snowflake collection is beautiful. I have some that a friend of mine crocheted for me years ago. They are some of my favorite decorations.

Hilary said...

They're just beautiful, Sarah. I'll bet your place looks wonderful. When you're putting them away again, why not just get some inexpensive tissue paper and lightly wrap each one (or 2 or 3 together) to keep them from tangling too badly?

Incipient Wings said...

what a great collection!

slommler said...

Well my home is slowly but surely being decorated for the holidays. I have the tree up and the mantel done and the dining room table done. Sigh! More to go yet!
Your snowflakes are so beautiful!!!
Can't wait to see pics of them all hanging up!!

knack said...

super cute, and I love all of your snowflakes!

....having everything covered in glitter will be fun for a bit!


Sunny said...

beautiful snowflakes~:)love your collection!

your home must looks magical with all of these sparkly snowflakes~!

Catherine said...

These snowflakes are beautiful Sarah! I bet your house looks magical.

Isn't it amazing how the glitter and all the line pine needles (although mine are fake) stay around for months after? I really do vacuum! haha!

Happy Monday!
xo Catherine

Frannie said...

Lovely snowflakes Sarah!
Sounds like you will have glitter around until the next year.
Guess what....January is just around the corner! Yikes.

Kelly said...

...good luck! You have a lot of work ahead of you. I bet you transform your place into a winter wonderland. And make sure you get your sleep. I ran on 3-4 hours of sleep for a few weeks and ended up getting sick. Blech. (When I finally go back to work, I have to hang snowflakes from the ceiling too...).

p.s. You won a surprise on the giveaway!

WhatKarenSees said...

These images are so beautiful and creative. They would look great printed big and hung on the wall as part of your Christmas decorations.