Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sidewalk tourism: jack-o-lanterns

A few years ago I went out and bought fake pumpkins. While I like the end result of carving pumpkins, the actual work part is not a favorite of mine... well, that and I carved my fake pumpkins to have the faces of Frank Zappa and Jerry Garcia, so re-carving the same design every year just didn't seem terribly efficient. Plus I don't like touching pumpkin goop.

Anyway, other people are still industrious and carve them fresh — so here are some of the pumpkins I happened past while out on some of my many treks of sidewalk tourism this fall.
Yeah, I know, this would have been more appropriate on Halloween, but well, there just wasn't any time, and that's the way it turns out every year. It's Tuesday now, so I've recovered... although there still is leftover candy hanging around.

Hopefully, your Halloween hangover has subsided.


slommler said...

Great pumpkins!! I don't carve anymore either! Ha!! Too messy!

Hilary said...

Ah those are some great faces. My older son, who has his own place now, carves those intricate designs from patterns. He has far more patience than I do. This year I waited far too long (the day of) to get a pumpkin and they were sold out. I had to resort to an $8 electric jack o lantern instead. I'm not regretting it one bit.

Catherine said...

Fun post! There are a lot of creative pumpkin carvers out there! :)

xo Catherine

koralee said...

I love jack-o-lnterns....these are soooo much fun. Thanks for sharing. xoxxoo

Happy November!

Frannie said...

I love looking at all those wonderful and fun jack-o-lanterns.
Thanks for sharing....great photos!

We carved out a few for Halloween and saved the seeds to toast in oven. My grandson fished the seeds out of the gooey membranes. Yuck!
8 year old boys love that stuff.


cabin + cub said...

Great selection! We carved real ones this year, since we always like roasting the seeds. Yum!

Χριστιάνα said...

beautiful faces! I love them all!