Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was never a child who liked to take naps. When I was too young for school and was at home with my Mother, she used to try to sneak in a daily nap. Translation, as a 3 year old I was like "Sleep during the day? What, you mean peak playing hours? What about my dolls?" So, basically, as I recall these events I would lay down and wait for the sound of my mother's door closing, and then I would get up and play 'quietly.' This sleeping in the middle of the day thing never made sense to me... it still doesn't.

And yet, it's January. January isn't so much a time for napping as it is a time for 'hibernating.' I don't mean I go into my bedroom and sleep for a month, I just mean January is the month when I'm just tired.

It snows here in Michigan. And what that actually means is that it takes me an additional 20 to 30 minutes to drive to and from work, plus 5 minutes of scraping my car, plus me driving in my car with frozen fingers waiting for the 2 mile point when the heat might finally come up. In other words, a 35 minute drive just turned into an hour... cold weather = giant time suck.

I hate being cold. It just makes me cranky and tired (not unlike napping — which never made me feel refreshed, it just made me cranky; my brain chemicals don't like to be tricked with the prospect of sleep (8 hours) only to be pranked into wakefulness after an hour). Napping never worked for me, and I just find cold weather to be unbelievably irritable.

Anyway, one morning last week while I was watching CSI reruns on Spike tv, I did manage to crank out 15 new paintings. Which, of course, meant that I spent a day waiting for them to dry, spent a good hour 'naming' them, and then spent a morning & a half scanning them into the computer and saving them in 3 file formats after color correcting the scans. And then I varnished the paintings (another morning). And then I gessoed the backs to counteract warping (another morning). And then I printed out info sheets (artist, title, media, date) for the back. And then I remembered to stop at Walmart on my way home from work because I couldn't find a freaking glue stick, and then last night I glued the backs on all the paintings...

Considering how relatively quickly I can paint them, the process-y stuff after the painting part is enormously time consuming. Anyway, painting — or moreover: playing with color — makes me happy. So, I suppose that's my counter-January measure: colorful paintings.

I like color — as can be evidenced from the photo I took for the entry. My bedroom is actually lemon yellow, and those are, in fact, my sheets (300 thread count, from Target). I actually have 2 of my larger paintings hanging on the wall, one it very magenta-y and the other is peachy toned. Most of the 15 paintings I made last week were orange (except for the 2 blue ones). Apparently I was in an 'orange' mood, whatever that means.
Anyway, "astral orange sunshine" is one of the new ones, you can see it here.

Ironically, I seem to have contracted a cold: sore throat, cough, runny nose, weepy left eye... So, this morning I'll be going to the drugstore to acquire some more kleenex and stand in the pharmacy aisle for 20 minutes reading cough syrup boxes... and then buying some orange juice.

So, go have a big tall glass of vitamin C for me & take a nice long nap, maybe 8 hours?
; )


Bob Bushell said...

That is a wonderful hibernation you have been on, lol. That teddy bear is fast asleep for the fourth months that he does.

slommler said...

I am with you on the hibernation...winter definitely calls for that!!
Wow! That is a lot of paintings!!! You will have to post pics!! Or are they all on ETSY? I will go check it out.
Have a nice "nap"!

Southern Lady said...

Sarah, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for me at my Southern Lagniappe blog. I'm so glad it led me to yours.

I enjoyed your "Hibernation" post, and look forward to reading more of your stories and browsing through your paintings. From what I saw on your sidebar, you are a very talented artist, as well as writer.

Nancy said...

I hear you on the winter thing. Everything takes so much more time to accomplish.

Your artwork is fantastic -- I visited your etsy shop and you have so many beautiful products. :)

Catherine said...

Sometimes January and February seem like such long cold and depressing months. But unlike you, I help it along by having some afternoon snoozies here and there! ;)

15 new paintings in one sitting! Wow ~ that's amazing! Good for you!

Well let us hope January slips quickly into February and that February slips quickly into spring. Though that's a little much to wish for living in Saskatchewan.... haha!

Happy Sunday friend!
xo Catherine

Yenta Mary said...

I can't stand white walls, which are garish and institutional; I love color! And your new painting is beautiful ... :)

Out on the prairie said...

Some days a little nap just happens for me.I hate it when it is 7pm so it makes me stay awake more.Often when I read through the afternoon , it can cause those droopy eyes.

Harman said...

wonderful hibernation.. lol
nice post..
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knack said...

cold weather is so hard to get motivated in, so good for you for cranking out the paintings! I know that felt so good!


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Happyone :-) said...

Kids naps - I think they are mostly for the parents! :-) I bet your mom knew you were playing quietly and she had some time for herself too!
I'm not a fan of cold weather either.

McKenzie said...

Sometimes the winter just calls for a nice long nap... especially in the Midwest! I grew up in Wisconsin and would do everything I could NOT to leave the house from December to March. I feel your pain -- now go get some sleep!!

koralee said...

Oh I do love naps but never find the time to take have been busy painting too! Hugs.