Friday, January 21, 2011

couch potato

The head cold officially ate my week. I bought the sinus tabs, I bought the cold medicine, I drank orange juice like there was an orange juice fountain in my kitchen and I was very thirsty, I ate soup, I slept... and I still sort of have the cold. I did watch a lot of CSI reruns though, somewhere, somehow that must count as an accomplishment.

Yes, that really is my couch. I believe, technically, it's a Klobo. However, I upholstered it. Yes, I picked out that fabric. And I measured and cut out all the pieces, and I sewed the vast majority of it by hand on a muggy June evening while watching "Carolina Moon" and some other Nora Roberts movie from Lifetime on onDemand. I recall it distinctly. Mostly because the couch sat in pieces in my living room for about a month before I suddenly upholstered it that evening... oh, projects.

I'd like to thank LarimarLounge, I am totally honored that my "nest" photo was included in their collection, which then awesomely made the Artfire homepage! Very cool.

You can check out my Artfire shop here.
Hopefully, the cold passes soon... and I can get back to more productive activities than watching tv.


Nancy said...

I love that nest photo. Congratulations for making the home page. That's awesome!

Out on the prairie said...

Bears can be bossy when they gain the controls.No fun being sick, I wimp out real good.I like this photo site you have. I need to build one.

Catherine said...

Boooo to colds and flu!! GAAAK! I hope you get feeling better soon!

Your couch is so pretty ~ I can't believe you sewed all that by hand. That must have been quite the task. And that little bear with the remote ~ adorable!!!

Get well Sarah!
xo Catherine

Hilary said...

That's a fun fabric.. I'll bet your place is just adorable. Congrats re the nest. :)

slommler said...

I love the fabric!! It is fun and full of springtime!!
Sorry about your cold...but that is a great way to recover...CSI reruns! Perfect!!

lauren carney said...

Hello little sparrow,
this is a bit of a nifty space you've got here!
I enjoy the photo-goodness you have on display!
Happy blogging you! x x x

Ola said...