Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh, snow.
Which quickly turns into "ugh, snow."

The first time it snows, and it isn't that powdery stuff that comes with frigid temperatures, it's kind of pretty. In a different time, under different circumstances, I might find snow delightful... but I don't.

It was fun & wonderful for a while when it was falling from the sky like a scene from a Christmas card... and that's when I took these shots.

As you can see, it was still very wet. And I was at home. Hence the relative mundanity of spruces and the apple tree covered with lichen covered with snow.

But then it snowed all day, and I had to drive to work in the snow, and it was really apparent that no one bothered to plow anything (proficiently). And then I drove home from work. Let's just say that US 12 was a sheet of ice and we were doing an average of 30MPH (on the 'country highway' part), crawling around each of the 6 curves, avoiding that tree that toppled into the road, and watching the traffic in the other direction come to a complete stop on the highway (not for an accident, but for an ice covered curve).

Snow is fun & pretty if you don't have to drive in it in an area where the road commission didn't bother to take care of the roads.

If it all melted, that'd be great.
I'm enjoying a cup of dark hot chocolate as I type this and thinking about how tired I am of spending twice the amount of time to make one trip to work. Of course, this is just the first day.

Ugh, snow.

If you have warm snow-free weather wherever you are (and it isn't like monsoon season) then relish in your good fortune and easy travels.


Out on the prairie said...

Fun to play in but I don't always like to drive in it very far.

WhatKarenSees said...

My feelings exactly. UGH, snow!!!

Happyone :-) said...

Snow isn't bad, it's that ice that's the problem, but I'm not a fan of snow either. I like the kind of snow like we had last week. It snowed and then was gone in two hours.

*jean* said...

i so hear you, my husband's car quit working today and we spent the day going to 2 places...took forever

SouthernSass said...

When it snows here everything shuts down. Plus, it usually does not stick around for more than a day. Sorry!

Catherine said...

I agree my friend. Snow is pretty... but only for the first few hours. Then it gets to be "OK... been there done that let's move on from the snow..." and unfortunately, Mother Nature tends not to listen to us. Oh well, what can we do but keep taking photos. ;)

xo Catherine

Dawn said...

Totally agree.
But you sure defy all of the yucky parts of it with your beautiful Snow Captures! They're lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

When you have cold temps (below 20 deg.) road salt looses its ability to effectively melt snow and ice to the point that you can end up with a slight thaw and a quick re-freeze and have a road slipperier than if nothing were done at all.

The effect of wind is a constant blowing and drifting of snow. Road commission operators have “routes” assigned to them. These routes consist of approximately 40-60 miles of road each. With a lot of drifting the road commission focuses on Interstates, entrance / exit ramps and primary roads the local roads are cleared last because they have lower traffic volumes.

CherylK said...

Well, unfortunately we've got snowy AND freezing weather. And yes, it's pretty for about a day.

Your photos are just amazing, Sarah. As usual :-)

holdingmoments said...

It always looks good in pictures; and some where else lol

Our forecast is for snow this weekend unfortunately. :(