Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outside: Queen Anne's Lace + bokeh

It was actually a very cold day in March sometime last year, or maybe two years ago? Who knows... Anyway, it was on a frigid day in March when I was standing on the edge of a half frozen pond in the dreary light of the morning when I finally figured out how to properly use the settings on my digital camera. Yes, I know, what better conditions than freezing air, a pond at the bottom of a steep hill, my dew soaked shoes and pant legs, and my freezing gloved fingers to finally just stand there and try every setting on the camera? Nothing ever happens on a calm, balmy afternoon in May, no.

Since that day, and even prior to that day, I have taken many many many pictures. And while I knew this before — you can take a picture of almost anything and create an image that looks good or interesting or is engaging. It's just that back in the olden days you literally paid by the image, one segment of film at a time. Other than recharging the batteries and always having to reset the time & date, my how convenient this new technology is!

Of course, even after you figure one thing out, there will always be other things to learn or experience. One of the things I find particularly visually entertaining about photography is "bokeh." I suppose, since figuring out the macro option, it's my current new favorite *thing.*

So, since summer is winding down — and man, I will not miss those 90˚F days — it was time for one last go round with the Queen Anne's Lace, this time with bokeh.

Hopefully, your summer is winding down in a pleasant fashion.

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Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi Sarah, Love these photos! Great job!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Love Queen Anne's Lace, nice shots.

slommler said...

Beautiful photos! I so love Queen Anne's lace!!

Katy said...

Love the light and bokeh in that third shot particularly!

Julie G. said...

You managed to enhanced the beauty Queen Anne's Lace with the beautiful bokeh. To me it looks like tiny sparkling jewels in the background. There is a lovely ethereal feel to your images. A joy to view!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah, Beautiful pictures of the Queen Anne's Lace... Looks like you are looking through glass into a water tank filled with Queen Anne's Lace.

I use 'bokeh' normally...... Strange how we used to do everything we could to get rid of blurry pictures. These days, we love them.... duh!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

I've been admiring the Queen Anne's Lace in my own gardens these past few day and contemplating her wisdom … and her beauty. Seems you have too. :)