Monday, August 9, 2010

A drive down the highway...

I do a lot of driving. Probably more driving than I would do if I had a choice... and a lot of it is driving at night. So, it isn't so much scenery one is looking for, but that familiar silhouette standing by the side of the road.

Anyway, out of habit or necessity I drive a different route every now and then, and sometimes I get to see something special. As it turns out, an alternate route yielded a trip past a field of Queen Anne's lace. Now normally, this stuff grows in large patches by the side of every farm field that a highway runs through, but this was an entire field — not just some patch in front of corn.

It's a pretty interesting sight to behold.

It was fun to stand there in the first light of the morning and marvel at the field of wildflowers... until the swarm of mosquitoes appeared. Cursed insects...

And on a completely different note: some of the finished paper bowls are now available for sale at "sarahknight" on etsy.

Essentially, they come in 3 sizes:
large (rim diameter 10 inches)
medium (rim diameter 7.5 inches inches)
small (rim diameter 5.875 inches)

I hope you check them out! : )

Of course, now I need to get off my duff and go finish and photograph the rest of them. Sometimes it seems like work just never ends. Hopefully your week is a happy & productive one!


Catherine said...

The Queen Anne's lace is beautiful! There's just something about wild flowers along the side of the road isn't there? Your bowls look fantastic.

Have a Happy Monday Sarah!
xo Catherine

troutbirder said...

An alternate route whether day of night if often more fun. The wild carrot :) aka Queen Annes Lace field is indeed gorgeous. BTW I agree that photographing them is a lot more fun than weeding them.

slommler said...

Hope you have a fabulous week as well. Love your bowls!

Laurie said...

I love Queen Anne's lace Sarah, and love to photograph it. So dainty an pretty. Your bowls are beautiful!!

angelshair said...

Sarah, these bowls are lovely!!!!
And your photos are just beautiful! I love wild flowers, they are my favorites.

koralee said...

So beautiful!! I love your images today. Queen Anne's lace is amazing.
I do love your bowls. xoxxo

cabin + cub said...

Great photos! I wish I could have seen it in person.
Love your bowls too.. very pretty! ;)

Kerri said...

Lovely fields!! Those bowls are really neat!

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice website!
I like your little stories!
And your creativity!