Thursday, August 19, 2010

What color are you?

I did this on someone else's blog and thought it was kind of fun...


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at!

So, it's a bit out of the ordinary here, but I encourage you to try it.
Personally, I think I should be violet, since it's my favorite color, but I'll accept green...

Anyway, I was exhausted when I came home from work this morning, and considered just going to bed. However, I didn't. I mean, you know, that would have been responsible. Instead, I happened to notice the clouds outside in the morning sky... and put my shoes back on and wandered out into the field behind the house. On a side note, I think the farmer is growing soybeans.

Anyway, the sky was that kind of morning periwinkle color, and the clouds were kind of spotty, but fluffy, and they were white but touched by the colors of the sun. So, I was standing there in the soybeans, angling the camera, trying to avoid the pairs of mourning doves flying through (as they always end up looking like bugs on my photos) and noticed this silhouette of a giant bird coming towards me. To my delight it was a great blue heron!

I know it looks tiny in a small pic on the internet, but it was really cool to stand there and watch it fly over.


→lisa said...

Blue herons are so lovely; that wonderful bluish grey. I occasionally see them in the salt marsh at a park near in my neighborhood.

(I took the quiz and also came out green!)

Catherine said...

Fun! I was green too!

Happy Day!
xo Catherine

slommler said...

Such a beautiful photograph! I couldn't take the quiz...couldn't connect to site. Bummer!!

April said...

That was a neat quiz. I got blue. I'm intuitive and loyal (true!).

Diana said...

I'm such a sucker for cheesy tests like these.

Kerri said...

I think it's Super Sarah!! I LOVE it!!

koralee said...

Green is a nice colour to be...I think I have done this before and I was blue..but will go and try it again..xoxox

troutbirder said...

blue blue my world is blue.
And I like blue heron too.
Wonderful pic. blue and pink Whynot.