Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring is for the birds

There is an age old argument over who was the better front man of Van Halen. So much so that songs have been written about it ("Van Halen" by Nerf Herder). You either think David Lee Roth was the consummate front man or you're a Sammy Hagar devotee. As it turns out, I come down hard on the side of Van Hagar. Yes, that's right, I said it: I prefer Sammy Hagar.

Now, I realize I may lose some friends or endure some scornful Roth-lover sniping... it is what it is. Anyway, Dave left the band, recorded some solo work, had that radio show, did that weird thing at the MTV something-or-other awards, there was some reunion, eh, whatever. Sammy Hagar is awesome!

Anyway, on some abysmal solo record David Lee Roth sang "Just a Gigolo" which contains the lyric: "life goes on without me." I've heard the song repeatedly on the "hair guitar" station at work, that and "Yankee Rose" — surely Diamond Dave must have recorded more than 2 songs, although if you listen to that station you would never know it...

Anyhow, since they play "Just a Gigolo" like it's one of only 2 DLR songs on earth, even though I'm not a fan, I still get the damned thing stuck in my head. And the quote is apt: life goes on without me.

That it does.

So, while I'm busy doing whatever I'm doing - life goes on without me. I have been busy lately, and it's been raining, so my time with the camera is limited. But the birds have gone on with their business nonetheless.

The pair of eastern bluebirds have 4 eggs in the box in the backyard, which the female has been sitting on diligently.

And the goldfinches finally discovered the feeder that I put out solely for them. Amusingly, they both make exactly the same expression when being photographed. As if to say, "you there, what are you doing?"

Hopefully you've been busy or happy lately, or at the very least well rested & fed : )


Maria Palito said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! I am Waiting for a better weather with you


slommler said...

I love the Goldfinches! And what a great idea for a feeder!!
Lovely photos!!
We had a snow blizzard today!!! Yikes! But it really didn't accumulate. Whew!
Where's spring?

Barb said...

Those blue bird eggs are wonderful! The birds seem happy with your feeder.

Galit said...

Wow!! The blue bird eggs are amazing!!
Is it really real?..
Amazing how nature makes the most beautiful art works!!

Maria Palito said...

in my last post we welcome you to my blog, check it ! Thank you for your visit

maria Palito

Kelly said...

....I LOVE those eggs. The color is outrageously beautiful. Mother Nature always knows best.

...I like them both.......depending on my mood! When the video of David Lee Roth singing "Just a Gigilo" on MTV came out in 1985 I laughed so hard! I still remember the first time I saw it. (California Girls was pretty funny too...)

Shelley said...

Beautiful shots! Those bird eggs look like little jewels in the nest.

megskathy said...

Hi! You featured my item in your etsy treasury so I came to check out your blog. These are beautiful photographs! They don't even look real (in a good way).