Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outside: Lilacs

Every year I kind of wonder why I don't end up with more photos of the lilacs... and then every year when they bloom I remember why: it wouldn't stop raining... cursed weather.
It did, however, stop raining just a few times, and I think I got a good showing. These were some of the first branches to blossom.

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Catherine said...

Lilacs are always so stunning once they appear ~ and the fragrance ~ heavenly! I am hoping mine appear soon!

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing...i can practically smell them! i wish lilacs bloomed all summer!

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous photos!

Gloria said...

I love Lilacs. The scent is heavenly. Just stopped by from another blog. Very nice photos. Have a great rest of the week.

Vanessa said...

What gorgeous lilacs!!

Bird Girl said...

Funny how you have to do these things right away - otherwise - you think you'll do it later and you don't! Yep - I too, always wish I would take more pictures of the lilacs! They are one of the sweetest gifts of May (though they did bloom in April this year in PA ;-) Beautiful pictures!

slommler said...

Beautiful photos!! I love lilacs! The smell is so intoxicating!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I can totally smell them - Fantastic !!!