Monday, May 10, 2010

Outside: dogwood

There's this song by Tom Petty called "Down South" (which can be found on the "Highway Companion" album). I doubt it was ever a single, but it's one of my favorite songs on that album, and I've listened to it more times than I could recall. Anyway, there's a stanza of the song:
Spanish moss down south
Find the heroes of my childhood
Who now can do me no good
Carve their names in dogwood
It's a catchy song, but anyway, for the longest time I was always kind of thrown by the premise of carving anything in dogwood... because the only kind of dogwood I knew where the spindly stick-like bushes in the backyard with the clusters of teeny tiny little white flowers.
As it turns out, there's a difference between a dogwood bush and a dogwood tree.

And now having seen the 'tree' version of the dogwood - I better understand that lyric. That and I have now read the wikipedia page on dogwoods...

I am one of those people who just likes pretty pictures. So, these are someone else's very beautiful dogwoods (the trees, that is, the photos are mine). I wish I owned them! (Although, admittedly, I have no desire to carve anything in them, sorry MacGuyver)


angelshair said...

I love these pictures, they are really fresh, and make me just want to lie down under the tree!!

slommler said...

The pics are fabulous. I love Dogwoods. Whether tree or bush. The flowers are magnificent!

Bird Girl said...

Funny thing - I only know dogwood trees and do not know dogwood bushes ;-) I'll have to listen to that song myself now - ya got me curious! Who ever took these pictures - I really love the last backlit one - very cool!

Lulu said...

aw i love Tom Petty! =] what lovely photos!

Frannie said...

Beautiful pictures. I live in Georgia...the land of dogwoods.
They bloom white and pink, to welcome spring ever year.

My Mane in the Wind said...

Just gorgeous photos -- I love the contrast of the pinks with the bright greens and the light coming through the leaves. Yummy!

lisaroy said...

beautiful pics - I love dogwoods.