Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow, it's already December...

Where did the month of November go?
It seems like just yesterday that I was finishing my 5X7 hummingbird pics... and then I had a store engagement... made some new chickadee pictures... and BAM! it's December.

I am a procrastinator, just like my mother. I'm sure it probably runs in the family.
So, I've been working on the calendar, because I need to get the graphics done this week. Out of 12 graphics, I have 9 complete, and 3 very close to being finished! This is probably the furthest along I've ever been on a calendar this close to Christmas.

So, I finally finished my August graphic: hummingbirds & hollyhocks

This year, the hollyhocks that were planted last year actually came up and bloomed... and, of course, we had the same contentious brood of ruby-throated hummingbirds hanging around the yard, fighting over the ample amount of sugar water in the feeders.

So, I drew out my hollyhocks, inked them, scanned them, colorized the scan, printed that... colored the print out, scanned that back in, added a photo of sky... and worked separately on the hummingbirds, which were created in 2 batches: flying and sitting.
So, last night, I finally finished coloring the sitting hummingbirds, scanned them, and edited them for use... and voila! the picture is finally finished!

Only 3 more to go.


Jill said...

This is so full of life and energy!...a really uplifting image.

cabin + cub said...

Love the hummingbirds and hollyhocks.. such a huge contrast to the weather right now, it is a nice break!!!