Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay, so the hummingbirds should have all flown south to their winter range by now... and really, I should have taken the hummingbird feeders down from the backyard. But let's not dwell on factual stuff and chores. I sat down at the computer last night, and after several hours of playing and tinkering came up with these:

So, now, I suppose I have to come up with titles.

Anyway, I drew the hummingbirds first for my picture "nectar." And am using the birds in another picture I've been working on specifically for the calendar with hummingbirds and hollyhocks, which I have almost finished! It's November, and I'm halfway done. Who knows, maybe I'll get to relax on Christmas Eve this year? I hope so.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these : ) they'll be in my shop shortly.


Fernanda said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL :)
Thanks for sharing.


Lemon Shortbread said...

The artworks are all very pretty! My favourite would be the first one. Love hummingbirds, always get excited whenever I see them (a rarity here)!

arcobaleno said...

...very beautiful!!!

Priscila said...

sooooo talented!
I’m new here to your blog and wanted to “pop” in to say hi! : )
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Anonymous said...

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