Monday, September 13, 2010

28 paintings in 3 days

So, while I wasn't blogging last week, I was painting. Now, if I'm going to get out the paint (translation: move the plastic 3 gallon sized basket over 2 feet next to the paper cutter) then chances are I'm going to make paintings in multiples. Apparently I am not prone to moderation.

So, over the course of 3 (okay, 4) days I made 28 paintings. On the fourth day I made 1 painting, which was actually a "redo" because I wasn't overly thrilled with how it came out the first time...

Anyway, I don't have a studio, and would probably find possessing a room with nothing in it but art supplies to be a complete waste of a room. I believe I would consider that a "storage" room. I enjoy stimulation, whether that be music, television, or the computer. And generally, when I'm doing work I'm either listening to music or watching something on tv. Of course, by "watching" I mean I look up every five minutes or so...

So, virtually all of my painting is executed atop an old paper cutter which sits on the floor in front of the television. It's my de facto desk.

Anyway, when I paint the 'implicit landscapes' I put the illustration board on top of a box so the excess paint doesn't get all over the place. And that box sits on top of the lid to a pizza box, so the paper cutter can actually be used to cut paper or cardboard if the need arises without needing to be cleaned. Otherwise, if I just painted them atop a drop cloth or a piece of paper, then paint from the first painting would get mixed in with the next one, or else I would have to waste a lot of paper to keep my work surface clear for the next piece...

So, this is where the painting happens:

This was actually the box for a dremel tool & kit, although you would have a hard time identifying that now. As you can see, we enjoy pizza from Little Caesars.

Yes, there is flotsom and jetsom hanging around the paper cutter... and more paintings, and cardboard for the boxes I make to ship my work.

And this was the last painting, the one I repainted: "orchid guava aurora"

Beautiful things can be made in the most mundane conditions : )

Four of this production of 28 are currently listed for sale at my "sarahknight" shop on etsy.


Catherine said...

28 paintings in 3 or 4 days! Oh my goodness ~ you have been a busy woman ~ good for you. I like the colors in this one you are showing us ~ beautiful!

That is interesting how you paint your pictures sitting on the floor in front of the TV ~ you must have a strong back! :)

Hope you have a terrific week Sarah!
xo Catherine

Shelley Ann said...

holy moly! you must have been paintint super fast to do that many!! i love the feeling of completing a piece sure you felt a lot of that in 3 days!

Tabor said...

I thought art was supposed to be painful and time consuming...but I guess, when the muse strikes you have to take advantage. I am not a person who understands contemporary art, but since these are almost impressionist, I find them moving and lovely.

flossy-p said...

Holy Dooley!!! What an achievement! That's just amazing. You must feel great!

I must say, if I were you I'd be popping a canvas down the sides of your box as you paint, the side of your box with all those clean coloured paint dribbles is absolutely stunning!!!!

(so are your paintings of course!)

p.s. wanted to thank you for your kind and supportive words on my blog recently.

Frannie said...

You've been one busy lady.

Your love for art shows all over, from pizza box, old paper cutter, dremel box, to canvas...a journey.


Kelly said...

28 paintings in 3-4 days! You are an art-cranking maniac. I love it. I was worried about getting 63 paintings done in 3 months--that would be nothing for you! I love the looks of your work center...the box shows it's seen a lot of work (it's gorgeous too)!

CherylK said...

I'll tell you what...those boxes are really pretty! Keep up the good work!