Friday, March 19, 2010

Outside: the bluebirds are here

Since spring seems to be upon us, my favorite harbingers have arrived: the eastern bluebirds.
There are 3 bluebird boxes in the yard, and every year we have a pair of bluebirds occupy one of them. They usually have between 3 and 5 babies.

This week our bluebirds have returned and they're outside scoping out the nest boxes.
This is a male:

The male is on the left, the female is on the right.

And this is the box they are currently laying claim to.

(although, I photographed this a few weeks ago when there was still snow on the ground...)

Hopefully, they'll stick around and build a nest and have some babies.

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Sharon said...

Love this photo series. The fat little bluebirds are so cheery and the birdhouse photo is beautiful!


Victoria said...

That is amazing! I have never seen a bluebird, which makes me a little sad, but it's great that you have nestboxes for them! Love these photos.