Saturday, October 6, 2012

Outside: Autumn begins

The first day of fall was officially 22 September. So, the leaves have started to turn in the last week or so. And that means it's time to charge up the camera batteries and put on my shoes and go wander around and enjoy the season. So, here we go:

So, the leaves have started to turn and fall, and the light is more atmospheric, and the insects are getting in their last little bits of activity before it's time to hibernate.

  I also found myself standing in a Target in the last week or so, and picked up cds by The Avett Brothers, fun, Awolnation, and Green Day. It's nice to put on some new music every now and then.

 Apparently I've moved into the 21st century, or I've been dragged there kicking and screaming — so you can check me out on facebook.

Anyway, go outside and enjoy the view : )

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