Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
None of these are my pumpkins, but collectively they are the creative works of folks in Tecumseh, Saline, and Manchester (which are all cities in Michigan).

A couple years ago I went out and bought some fake pumpkins. One of my pumpkins is carved as the face of Jerry Garcia. My other pumpkin is Frank Zappa. So, every year I just have to find them and make sure that the fake candles that one puts in fake pumpkins still work.

Yes, I know, I'm lazy or whatever... but I carved a lot of real Jerrys and Franks before I finally threw in the towel and bought the fake ones.

Anyway, apparently a large pumpkin eating a small pumpkin is the new new thing : )
I've seen several of them when I went out wandering around with my camera.

So, if you haven't carved your pumpkin yet, well, get to it. The best thing for hollowing out a real pumpkin is to use is a metal canning lid - not the screw on part, but the flat metal circle. It's sharper than a spoon. If you've never canned or saved a canning lid, then the lid off any tin can is just as good, although probably a little sharper. The thinner you make the side you're going to carve - the easier it's going to be to carve... although don't make it too thin.

Now, for those of you not content with the standard children's pumpkin knife - because in all likelihood - you are well beyond any age that would qualify you as a child - the best way to slice complicated lines and shapes into your pumpkin (and this is only for the adults) is to use a fillet knife. (At least I think it's called a fillet knife... hopefully with the number of things involving knife blades that I just typed into google I didn't just land myself on an FBI watchlist... ) Anyway, it has a thin blade and it's good for carving small, awkward, or intricate shapes into your pumpkin. I used one to carve my fake pumpkins.

Safe carving! And don't stab yourself!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


tinajo said...

Haha, love these! :-)

SueAnn said...

Great pumpkins!! A jig saw works great too!! Ha!!

Out on the prairie said...

Some great finds. I got some heath bars yesterday

Catherine said...

Happy Halloween to you dear Sarah!
xo Catherine

Frannie said...

Great pumpkins! Yes, you are right, the latest thing is a larger pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I love them all! Happy Halloween!

Hilary said...

Clever tips. I'll have to keep them in mind for next year. I'm looking forward to seeing what my son did with his this year.. he always goes all out. I hope he'll send photos.

tinajo said...

Just checking up on you - are you OK? It´s been a long time since your last post.