Sunday, July 17, 2011

lost hours...

Sometimes something seems to get done on the weekend... and other times not so much. I stopped by some field along the highway on my way home from work Friday morning because they had baled the hay. And, of course, there was some thistle in front of the hay - and an industrious bee... and then I remembered to wander out into the back yard and take a look around, and there was a damselfly... and the hummingbird perched way up high on the obsolete tv antenna.

And then I spent the rest of my night off reformatting photos for listings... and then I had to edit each of those listings. Which you can see here on SunshineSight

This guy has been hanging around the back yard a lot with his mate ; )

And then I finally took some photos of the paintings I did way back when (I mean last summer). You can see them at sarahknight on etsy. The problem was that there was no where in the house with enough light or the right kind of light to get any decent pictures (I mean short of going out and spending $300.00 on lights or something)... So I finally relented and just went out in the backyard and hammered a nail into the back of the rabbit hutch. Yes, it's, uhmn, rustic.

Although if you're familiar with etsy, you may know the sardonic joke that the 'etsy look' for photos is anything shot in a macro blur with kitschy objects that have nothing to do with your listing item on a gray / white / or otherwise neutral background that is either an old book or a piece of barn wood. The penultimate satirical commentary on this concept is this post from Regretsy. Now, if you're one of those people that doesn't ever make fun of something or enjoy snark or questionable language - then maybe don't click on that link.

Honestly, "barn wood" isn't really my style... but I kind of think if you've been here before and seen my work that you kind of know that.

Speaking of 'my work' — I have a piece in the U of M School of Art & Design Alumni Show: Things That Move.
Yes, you have to scroll forever down the page to get to it (like halfway). It's called "cherry apricot phantasmagoria" (because I come from the e.e. cummings school of thought). Anyway, it's bright red, or if you just do a "COMMAND F" and type Sarah Knight into the box, you'll find it.
  • The show runs from 18 July to 6 August 2011
  • Slusser Gallery hours are: Mon—Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat noon to 7pm
  • 2000 Bonisteel Blvd.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2069
  • parking is behind the building which can be accessed from Fuller Road


tinajo said...

Love these photos - and I think I´ll check that Regretsy out, could be fun! :-D

Catherine said...

A beautiful field of hay can for sure be distracting. There's just never enough time for creativity I don't think.

How fun to have a piece of your art showing at a show ~ I will go have a look for it via your link. I'm thinking it wouldn't matter what your creations are photographed like Sarah ~ the beauty of them is the only thing people will see!

Hope you are having a terrific weekend!
xo Catherine

Montanagirl said...

Really like these photos. The hay bales is a great shot, and that bee on the thistle is a really nice shot.

Niftic Vintage said...

Great stuff Sarah! Love that hay field.

Out on the prairie said...

Lovely choices, I will have to check out the show piece.I think your damsel is a immature female Citrine Forktail.i was out for a few hours today but felt like I was melting.I did find a nice sweet corn stand.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Love the photo of the bee on the thistle.

Harlequin said...

You have really beautiful blog! A beautiful start to the week, I wish!

Beyond My Garden said...

Photo editing is like a path through the woods. It pulls you forward and you never know where you will end up. What fun though!

Hope said...

lovely captures.. really like your edit of the bird.. was looking at some of your older posts.. lovely idea of the bird broaches..

Annie said...

hi Sarah, found my way here from our artists team :). love your blog! your photos are beautiful. (and that regretsy link is too funny! I hadn't seen it, thanks for sharing.)

Hilary said...

Some very lovely images here. I have a few similar ones sitting in my camera right now.. including an antenna adorned with hummingbird.