Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a busy week between work and life. Mostly it was a week filled with paper. Technically, given that I draw - most weeks are filled with paper. But this was a week filled with papermaking.

Handmade paper was something I was introduced to in 4-H, which I was involved in as a child.
Anyway, once every couple of years the desire to make something out of paper pulp occurs to me. My renewed activity with this craft happened last summer (as evidenced by this post). And I've been putting the bowls in my etsy shop, and amusingly enough I realized a few weeks ago that my stash of paper bowls was getting really low.

So, like a squirrel with nuts I have been accumulating 'unwanted paper' and tearing it into bits and soaking that in water, so that I can then put it in the blender and make the pulp. And this past week there was a papermaking / bowl moulding extravaganza that took place in Casa Del Knight. And then there were bowls of paper in front of all the heat vents because this is Michigan and it's still cold...

Torn up bits of paper soaking in water.


The bottom of a 'large' bowl.

The unpainted inside.

A stack of unpainted bowls.

And, yes, more bowls.

I have another batch of paper that I need to blend into pulp, but this weekend I think I'm going to try to get some of these painted. Of course, that's the plan, and as one of those free-spirited artsy people — I'm not to spectacular when it comes to staying on plan... so, maybe I'll start or finish some other project, who knows.

To see what bowls look like when they're finished click here.

Have a fun & productive weekend!


slommler said...

The bowls are gorgeous!!! I love making paper!!!

Catherine said...

I've always wanted to make paper ~ it looks like such fun. These bowls are so pretty Sarah! I look forward to seeing the end products of your new ones too.

And it's still cold here too ~ a good weekend for crafting I think! :)

xo Catherine

connie said...

This post makes me smile, I used to make paper and a lot of it... One of my first pieces of art I sold was a quilt made with pieces of my hand made paper and mounted on mat board. I love the feel of the paper pulp. I too made all of my things out of recycled items. Your bowls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

Have a great weekend, playing!

Venessa Marie said...

those bowls are so neat, i bet they would just look awesome on a nice dark coffee table or something, i dont know i just know i love them!

Karly West said...

That's very cool! Thanks for inside look at the process! :)

Bob Bushell said...

Nice one, paper bowls - I hope they hold water!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Love the bowls!

Hilary said...

Oh they look lovely all done up. You sure are one talented lady.

Rachel Q. said...

I like the bowls plain white too - very nice. Lovely photos.

Kerri said...

They look fabulous!!!

Dave said...

Those bowls look great! Do people actually buy them? Looks like a good little sideline? - Dave

Frannie said...

The bowls are so lovely. A very loving process...thank you for sharing.

yeevon said...

Love them :D I think they are very pretty with the plain natural white!!