Sunday, February 13, 2011

I like stuff

Wikipedia could probably tell you all about the history of Valentines Day... and Google probably could point you in the direction. Admittedly, I'm not really a history buff. That doesn't mean that I hate facts, I'm just indifferent to some things.

Valentine's Day is about that heart shaped box of chocolates, and seeing pink and red and white and hearts everywhere. It's trying to remember expressions of love... it's not quite as much of an "invented" holiday as "Sweetest Day," but it's about consumerism nonetheless.

I'm a participating consumer; otherwise I'm indifferent to the concept of consumerism, because it's just not something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I buy groceries, I buy stuff, hell, I even like stuff. I distinctly remember my seventh grade English teacher telling us that "stuff" is a dead word. But well, *eyeroll,* that hasn't ever stopped me from using it.

I like stuff. Yes, I said it: I like stuff. I mean, you know, if you've looked at any of my previous entries then you may have noticed that I happen to make stuff. So, it's not out of the question that I like stuff. Plus this is a blog, so I need to write about stuff or post some pictures or something... and it's Valentine's Day time, so I guess it's time to talk about love or stuff like it.

I'm not terribly obsessed with Valentine's Day. I buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates, I get a box of heart-shaped chocolates, and if I'm feeling frisky, then maybe I remember to make a couple of greeting cards. BTW, I like eating chocolate.

So, this is a post about stuff I like. Particularly some stuff that I like that happens to be in my "office."

I enjoy knick knacks, or inappropriately appropriating objects as knick knacks. Many of my knick knacks are toys or things that are apparently supposed to be left out in your garden (where presumably the birds would do their business on them and the insects would crawl all over them). I have an infinite collection of lizards, turtles, and frogs (and the occasional bird). A few of them are legitimate knick knacks, the rest were apparently intended for the garden. The more realistic the replica animal - the better. So, these are some shots of my menagerie.

I like books by Hunter S. Thompson.
I like the music of Warren Zevon, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Everclear, John Denver, Rush, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan...
I like listening to music I like.
I like watching tv.
I like doing nothing and imagining stories (which I believe they call day dreaming).
I like the color violet, and buying violet-colored things.
I like irises.
I like Coca Cola; regular Coke & Cherry Coke.
I like Mary Janes and striped socks.
I like those ridiculous and often gaudy patterned sheets from the seventies.
I like chocolate, particularly those Lindor bars.
I like coconut.
I like pleasantly warm weather.

I like a lot of things, as I imagine we all do, so listing them might get a little frivolous, but this was my "Valentines" theme post, so, I hope you take a moment to think about the stuff you like, and maybe remember why.


Catherine said...

Sometimes it's the littlest of things that can make you happy! I like the little lizard ~ he looks very real!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday Sarah!
xo Catherine

Out on the prairie said...

Your frog investigating the pencil shavings is real good.I like the figurines. Someone I worked with family gave me some statues that were in their garden amd I laughed thinking I have a huge collection already. I generally find them a home amongst the others just to have more stuff in the garden.

Hilary said...

You have fine and interesting tastes, Sarah. The critters are nicely placed but it's the first one that caught my attention. The kids' song "This Old Man" immediately ran through my head. It's a knick knack on a Mac.. ;)

Sherry said...

I love little collections, and yours are inspiring. I think I may do a similar post one day soon.

I collect all things Tinkerbell. I think she was the first feminist. :)

I like chocolate, too.


Linda R. said...

Well it looks like you got a whole lot of cool stuff!!! I know I love my stuff also!! Hope you have a happy Day!!

Hugs, Linda

Bad Taste Toast said...

I really enjoyed reading your post because it wasn't the normal romantic crap everyone's up to on this day. But it also didn't completely miss the topic.
And I like what I like and know why i like it. Really.
Plus: I like your little zoo too. I can't resist animal figurines on fleamarkets. I have a soft spot for wooden egrets (or birds in general).

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

What a fantastic post, thanks for sharing!!!

koralee said...

Oh what a fun post...I love coconut too. oxxo

cabin + cub said...

Mmm. I like chocolate too.. and the fact that you mentioned it a few times is making my mind wander and hunger for some! ;)