Wednesday, June 16, 2010

watching paint dry

There is a part of my brain that is always designing ideas and things... which is probably why I'm always thinking about the next thing I want to make or project I want to embark upon when I'm at my job and I'm supposed to be focusing on the task at hand.

I have several ideas & designs involving butterflies which I think will eventually be the project at hand. But the present moment has been all about painting. I actually started painting again because I happened to be in a 'discount' store and saw an insanely good deal on pre-stretched canvases. I then found myself at the craft store loading up a plastic basket with paints... And in the span of 1 week I had done 20 'implicit landscape' paintings on canvas. I just varnished all of them. And my next step is to finish the backs & add picture frame wire to all of them... Then, of course, I still have to title them.

There were literally times when I was sitting in my living room / studio waiting for paint to dry, which was quite an amusing notion to experience. Anyway, since I have a proclivity towards sprees: not only did I paint 20 11X14 canvases, but I then also made 23 smaller paintings. It would have been 24, but there was a snafu with cutting the illustration board, so, yes, it was 23. They are 8X10s done on illustration board.

I just finished naming all of them, scanning all of them into the computer, and varnishing them.

So, yes, in the span of about 10 days I made 43 paintings... clearly moderation is not a familiar concept.
These are some of the 8X10s:
strawberry guava phantasm

ruby cerulean phantasm

midnight violet guava sundown

Eventually, these will be for sale at my "sarahknight" shop on etsy. I was amazed & delighted that the first painting I listed actually sold!

Next week, I think I'm finally going to get to one of those butterfly projects that have been percolating in the back of my mind for months...

Hopefully you're been busy & creative too : )


Anonymous said...

Oh how inspiring are you!
i came over right away after getting your email...and i love your blog and the way you write, I am now your newest follower.

watching paint dry, been there, done that! probably doing it again sometime soon! hehe....being an artist is great, isn't it!

your colour blending is incredible! i am absolutely smitten!

going to check out your feature...and thanks for that btw!

umm...what else did I want to say?
oh yes,, i do hope you'll visit often!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

MedaM said...

You are creative, inspiring and talented artist and I like your work very much.
Have a nice weekend!

Emily said...

Hypnotizing colors! What fun!

Kelly said...

Wow! 43 paintings in 10 days! That's awesome, and they are so full of life. I love all the color and energy.

Frannie said...

My word...!! You've been up to your neck in paint. How inspiring.
Love your work.

CherylK said...

These are great, Sarah. I'm a fan of most any kind of art but I'm especially drawn to abstracts. The colors are wonderful!