Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's October... and Halloween is just 2 weeks away.

I am one of those people who dresses up every year and hands out candy. And I bought my candy while out running errands the other day. So, I suppose it's time to put up the Halloween decorations (and take down the summer decorations).

I figured I could get in the spirit over on sarahkdesigns as well: with a new banner

I've been having fun with graphics lately.

ghosts float

wandering spirits

Because creating is fun, and so is Halloween.
I invite you to check out the rest of my Halloween pictures : )

And have a Happy Halloween!


Victoria said...

Love the backgrounds of your two spirit pictures - it makes something spooky, pretty! Can't believe Halloween is only two weeks away... that crept up on me fast! Better start getting to work on my costume!

davidgoughart said...

Very keeping 'in spirit' with the month;) I have an Etsy which I've let lapse, but you reminded me that I need to relook at it, so thanks for the suggestion-EBay can bite me.