Sunday, August 16, 2009

looking for Sarah?

Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah...

Sarah is a first name, used as a given name by various cultures in various places. The origin of the name is Hebrew, it's meaning is "princess." Sarah happens to be my name. My mother says she named me Sarah after the actress Sarah Bernardt. Anyhow, Sarah was one of the most popular things to name your baby around the time I was born (you can guess the year)...

So, my name is Sarah Knight. It is a relatively common name. It’s not quite “John Smith” as far as statistics are concerned, but it’s still a relatively common name. In other words: my, there are a LOT of people named Sarah Knight. So, this is my PSA to all you folks (prospective employers, current employers, the generally curious…) out there looking for Sarah Knight: I am a “Sarah Knight”… but I don’t have a myspace, facebook, bebo, or twitter account, nor am I any of the other people on this list…

I DO NOT have a myspace account!


Sarah Knight (on myspace)

…I could keep listing them, but I think you get the point…

I DO NOT have a facebook account!


Sarah Knight (on facebook)

I DO NOT have a twitter account!


Sarah Knight (on twitter)

…I could list these for aeons, but I think you get the point: I’m not on twitter.

I DO NOT have a bebo account!


Sarah Knight (on bebo)

… again, I could list more, but I think you get the point.

I am also NOT...

Sarah Knight (University of Leicester)

Sarah Knight (school teacher)

Sarah Kemble Knight (historical figure, obviously deceased)

Sarah Knight (on LinkedIN)

Sarah Jo Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight (School of International Service)

Sarah Knight (on amazon)

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight


Sarah Knight

I do use the username "sarahkdesigns"

but I AM NOT

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Story: black-capped chickadee song — sarahkdesigns

black-capped chickadee song

I have a romanticized notion of birdsongs. Truth be told, I can very seldom actually tell what song belongs to what bird. I grew up the child of birdwatchers, so, this irritates my mother to no end. The only birdsong I can ever discern is robins (well, okay, and crows, and well, red-winged blackbirds), but that’s because they don’t sing so much as they scream…

Anyhow, this picture is the end result of some random comment from a forum thread.
It started with my etsy banner. As you may know, I have an etsy shop: sarahkdesigns. There I sell prints of my illustrations and digital collages, and the occasional watercolor. My work tends to be very colorful and usually incorporates flowers or birds, or both, or some aspect of nature…

So, I made myself a summer banner: something vivid, colorful, and with some summer birds and plants:

To make a long story short, I know the banner is obnoxiously full of bright saturated color, and is visually busy. Graphically, it is literally made out of a scan of one of my paintings and birds & flowers from a scan of another of my paintings. And every once in a while, I’m in need of some attention and post in those critique me threads in the critique forums — and the only thing that ever got any comments was, of course, my banner. I believe someone told me that it didn’t match the items in my shop (to which I thought, hey: click on page 2).

I’m not thin-skinned, or easily swayed, but eventually, as the days get shorter and slightly colder (we refer to that as free air conditioning) — it was time for a new banner.

And so, I sat down at the computer and pulled the chickadee layer out of chickadee love song, and the musical notes from bluebird song and played around until I had something that was whimsical and end of summery looking.

And then I thought, hey, that would look cool as a square print with a shadow border… And so, I sat down at the computer again and opened up all the files, and went searching for just the right photo of the sky… did some editing, added some layering effects, toggled some color, and voila: new print!

(Actually, new print series… check out sarahkdesigns this week for other birdsongs)